Pool Enclosure Cost — It’s Less Expensive Than You Think!


Pool Enclosures Cost Analysis

When thinking about the cost of installing a pool enclosure, it’s natural to see only dollar signs. Weigh the costs against the benefits, though, and you might be surprised to find that a pool enclosure can be a high value investment for your home. In addition, CCSI offers one of the best values on the market thanks to our USA based operations and unique modular pool enclosure system.

Pool Enclosures Can Save You Money

Pool enclosures may have more of an initial cost but they can help save you money (and work!) in the long run:

Higher Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Decrease your premiums by investing in a pool enclosure and eliminating the risks associated with unsecured pools.

Expand the Swimming Season

Live in a seasonal climate? If you have an outdoor pool, you may be limited to using it for only a few months. Pool enclosures help you get more out of your investment by letting you use your pool year round.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Invest in a CCSI polycarbonate pool enclosure and protect your pool’s PH balance from the damaging UV radiation of the sun, reducing your chemical maintenance costs.

Heated Pool Electricity

Pool enclosures are a one-time fee, which reduces the need for a heating system in your pool, lowering your monthly energy bills and lengthening the swimming season.

Pool Enclosure Prices Vary

The prices of individual pool enclosures vary depending on the materials used, your geographical location, the design you choose and, of course, the size of your pool.

Average Pool Enclosure Costs

Pool enclosure prices can range from $60 -$80 per square foot depending on each individual application, overall sizing and selected style. Pricing usually includes materials, engineering, installation and shipping.

Choose CCSI to Save Money on a Pool Enclosure

At CCSI, we offer modular glass pool enclosure systems made in the USA. This cuts down on the cost of shipping, and makes installation much less expensive – not to mention faster and easier.

On site assembly and installation time is reduced to about two to three weeks typically, much lower than conventional pool enclosure options allowing us to offer more competitive pricing and quicker installations. Our systems also allow for flexible design options to accommodate various client needs and site conditions.

To get a personalized and free custom quote on your polycarbonate pool enclosure from CCSI International, contact us today!