Custom Enclosures – Customized Pool Enclosure Designs

Custom Pool Enclosures for Your need

A custom pool enclosure from CCSI International, Inc. makes an excellent addition to any home or business. Affordable and built to your specifications, our products offer long-term value and functionality. Thanks to our modular approach to construction, you can have a permanent enclosure in less time and with less expense than you would with a conventional build.

With a range of available features, our custom-built enclosures are flexible enough to meet your personalized needs — choose from skylights, pyramids and a number of other add-ons to turn a basic design into a seamless blend of form and function.

Benefits of a Getting a Custom Pool Enclosure

Homeowners can benefit from the added privacy and convenience of a custom pool enclosure. In addition to enjoying year-round access to your pool and patio, you’ll enjoy peace of mind not having to worry about unauthorized access.

If you own a hotel or fitness center, an indoor pool can be an effective selling point that will help you stand out from the competition. An all-weather pool cover also keeps out leaves and debris, reducing the time and money you’ll spend on maintenance. If you’re a franchise or chain business, our specially made spa enclosures can be customized to meet any specific branding requirements. The pool enclosure will match the look and feel of your business  plus your customers will love that they can come enjoy the pool no matter what season it is.

custom spa enclosures

Features of Our Custom Pool Enclosure Design Process

All custom CCSI International, Inc. pool and spa enclosures are manufactured in our Garden Prairie, Illinois facility, giving us complete quality control at every step of the build process. Our enclosures feature factory-welded connections and stainless steel fasteners, making them tough enough to withstand any weather condition. Heavy-duty aluminum frames and rafters, as well as a powder coated finish, provide superior corrosion resistance even after years of exposure to moisture and chemicals.

Other notable features include polycarbonate roof panels and tempered safety glass side walls. The polycarbonate material can withstand wind and sun to allow you to enjoy your pool enclosure for longer. Roof panels let light in naturally and can be opened via a manual or motorized system to allow air to circulate freely on warm days. Contact us today to get started on your pool enclosure!

Designing Your Custom Pool Enclosure

The first step in designing a custom-made pool, spa or hot tub enclosure is to contact CCSI International, Inc. We’ll help you assess your needs and budget, and develop a comprehensive work plan and state-of-the-art engineering package.

You can specify the colors, materials and additional features you want included. All components are made to order and shipped unassembled to your location. Once your design is finalized you’ll discuss all installation options with our sales representative. Because every component is manufactured domestically, our turnaround times are among the fastest in the industry.

Why Choose CCSI International, Inc. for Your Custom Enclosure?

For more than 50 years, CCSI International, Inc. has been manufacturing custom luxury enclosures for patios, spas and more. Our exceptional commitment to quality and 100% customer support includes backing up everything we sell with a comprehensive warranty.

Our previous clients have included downtown Chicago’s Essex Inn, the Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado and several YMCAs around the country. To learn more about how a custom sun-room or pool enclosure can add value to your home or business, or to begin designing the atria of your dreams, contact our team.