Glass Patio Enclosures for Your Home

custom patio enclosures

Glass Residential Sunroom and Patio Enclosures

Have you ever wanted to spend time outdoors, but the weather just won’t cooperate? Perhaps you’d love a place to enjoy the sunlight without swatting away insects, or you’re simply interested in creating a room where your plants will thrive. Residential patio enclosures from CCSI International are the perfect way to add the functional and aesthetically pleasing space you deserve — simply and affordably.

Solarium Enclosures for You to Enjoy Every Season

CCSI International designs and manufactures custom sunroom patio enclosures that enhance the functionality and appearance of your home. Enjoy your home all year round with a sunroom enclosure that:

  • Protects you, your family and your guests from disease-spreading insects and nasty weather. Avoid mosquito bites, bee stings and other pest problems when you enclose your home’s patio. You’ll love how your sunroom enclosure keeps you dry and warm during wet and cold weather, too.
  • Provides added privacy with the ambiance of the outdoors. A residential glass patio enclosure from CCSI International is the perfect solution when you love spending time outside but prefer to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Keeps your outdoor furnishings clean and free from mildew. Skip cleaning your patio furniture every time you use it when you add a patio enclosure. A home patio enclosure keeps your furnishings free from dirt, mildew and stains.
  • Retracts when you want it to, and stays closed when you need it to. With a retractable roof, you can get all the fresh air you want when the weather is ideal. Then, when it’s not, retract the roof to continue enjoying your space.
  • Is perfect for four-season use. Our insulated glass patio enclosures mean you can enjoy the feel of the outdoors even during wintry or cold weather. With double-paned glass and climate control, stay cozy with ease — even during a snowstorm!

Patio Enclosure Options

CCSI International designs and manufactures safe, durable and beautiful enclosures from high-quality materials. We can build:

  • Solariums. Add a solarium and gaze at the sky all day and all night from the comfort of the indoors. With fully insulated glass, you’ll love your solarium all year long.
  • Three-season patio enclosures. This economical choice keeps you comfortable during most of the year. Avoid the discomfort caused by insects, wind and bright sunlight with a three-season enclosure that provides outdoor ambiance with indoor comfort.
  • Four-season patio enclosures. Why let unpleasant, wintry weather keep you from enjoying the outdoors? A four-season patio enclosure from CCSI International provides year-round enjoyment — and the most value.

CCSI International Designs and Manufactures Our Pool Enclosures in America

CCSI International will design and build your custom patio, garden or atria enclosure to incredible quality control standards in our American facility. We will create an enclosure that meets your local building codes and your specific design requirements. You’ll love how your attractive, useful and versatile space will add value and beauty to your home.

Patio Enclosures That Are Built to Last

Both residential and commercial customers can count on CCSI International for a quality product that respects your budget while delivering value and performance for years to come. Our glass enclosures are made with tempered safety side walls and corrosion-resistant aluminum framing. Roof paneling is impact- and- fire-resistant polycarbonate, and all connections are factory-welded for additional strength.

Available options include brick siding for additional privacy, single or double sloped roofs, and more. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact our office directly by phone or email.

Begin Your Patio Enclosure Build Today

CCSI International’s garden and patio enclosures are attractive, useful and versatile spaces that can be enjoyed every day. Each of our enclosures includes a full, state-of-the-art engineering package meeting your design-specific requirements. We work with local installation crews around the country to ensure all projects comply with relevant building codes and other regulations.

We’re proud to be your partner for every step of the build processes — from drawing up the initial plans to the moment you’re ready to enjoy your new enclosed patio.

Contact CCSI International for more information or to order a custom patio, garden or atria enclosure.