Pool Enclosures Buying Guide – Find the Perfect Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosures Buying Guide – Find the Perfect Pool Enclosure for Your Home

For many homeowners, a pool enclosure offers a great option to keep debris away from your pool. In addition, pool enclosures can help you reduce your pool chemical use, increase the privacy around your pool and allow you to enjoy your pool year-round.

When it comes to adding value to your home, pool enclosures are a great way to take advantage of an existing asset in your home and turn it into a major selling point. In most parts of the country, where long winters and frequent rains are common, homeowners often view an outdoor pool as more trouble than it’s worth.

Many homeowners don’t realize that turning a troublesome outdoor pool into an easy-to-maintain, year-round indoor attraction is affordable and easy. Between installation and upkeep, a great pool can be a major investment. But for a surprisingly low one-time initial cost, a glass enclosure lets you make the most out of that investment by allowing you to enjoy your pool all year long with less maintenance.

If you’re considering adding a pool enclosure to your home, we’ll go over everything you need to know to install one on your property.

What Are Pool Enclosures?

A good pool enclosure delivers year-round, all-weather access. The most common types of pool enclosures consist of polycarbonate, glass or vinyl. At CCSI, our enclosures use polycarbonate roofs for a reason – it is 250 times stronger than glass and can handle extreme weather conditions while also providing UV ray protection. This way you don’t need to worry about your pool closure deteriorating due to weather conditions.

Pool enclosures can be heated in winter and customized with additional features like a retractable roof. They also can be freestanding or added onto a house, and ultimately, they provide an unbeatable combination of style and function.

Typically, pool enclosures include double glazed tempered safety side walls and corrosion-resistant aluminum frames that will maintain their quality throughout the year. The enclosures also come in a variety of colors and feature factory-welded connections for extra durability.

How Do Pool Enclosures Benefit Your Home?

Want to have friends over for a barbecue in the middle of January? With a pool enclosure that provides privacy and keeps the elements out, it’s easy to do just that.

A great pool can be a major investment. But for a surprisingly low initial cost, a pool enclosure lets you make the most out of that investment by enjoying your pool all year long.

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There are many reasons to consider a pool enclosure for your home, including:

  1. Pool enclosures add value to your property.
    Even though a home swimming pool is a wonderful feature, many home buyers are turned off by swimming pools. The time and resources needed to maintain these pools can add up quickly.Comparatively, the U.S. housing market is competitive, and home sellers who want to optimize the value of their properties may want to consider a pool enclosure. With this enclosure in place, a home seller may be able to transform an ordinary residence into an exceptional house — i.e. one that generates plenty of interest from potential homebuyers.

    HouseLogic points out a pool may increase a property’s value by up to seven percent. Meanwhile, a pool enclosure helps you take your house’s value to new heights, as an enclosure is seen as a major benefit to potential homeowners.Getting a good price for your home involves knowing which upgrades will deliver the best return. When you’re moving out of a home that’s been lived in and loved for years, a pool enclosure is an attractive, unique feature that will help your property stand out from the crowd.
  2. Pool enclosures make it easy to own a pool.
    Let’s face it – regardless of how much time and money you commit to cleaning your pool, debris accumulates.Weather is the single biggest factor affecting the maintenance of a pool. Between raking out leaves and dealing with pH imbalances caused by rain, you may spend many hours trying to keep your pool looking great.At the same time, pool maintenance costs can put a major dent in your budget. And if you are forced to deal with excessive rain or other inclement weather, your pool maintenance costs likely will increase accordingly.Have you ever wondered why indoor pools in gyms and hotels manage to stay so clean all the time, despite being used constantly by a rotating cast of people? With a protective pool enclosure, you can spend less time cleaning, shocking and fussing over your pool and more time actually enjoying it. A pool enclosure enables you to stop bugs and debris from clogging your pool’s filtration system. Our retractable roof pool enclosures also allow you to release heat from the building so you can enjoy your pool at the desired temperature and regulate humidity!
  3. Pool enclosures provide privacy.
    Swimming in your pool offers a break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. And with a pool enclosure, you can swim in a private setting anytime you choose.Pool enclosures block out distracting outside noises and keep your festivities from bothering those nearby. Go ahead and turn the music up — a convenient and economical pool enclosure quickly transforms a wide-open backyard into a secluded spot for relaxing with your friends and family.
  4. Pool enclosures help keep children safe.

    While fences are an option to help keep kids safe, a pool enclosure is able to better secure your pool area. Ever worried about neighborhood kids jumping the fence and getting into the pool without supervision? Pool enclosures are the perfect solution.A pool enclosure provides peace of mind — something that is exceedingly important for parents with young children. If you have young kids or live in an area with lots of growing families, a pool enclosure will help keep kids safe.

Buying a Residential Pool Enclosure: What You Need to Know

Many pool enclosures are available to fit your lifestyle and budget. As a result, a first-time buyer may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of pool enclosure options at his or her disposal.

When it comes to checking out pool enclosures, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, we’re here to streamline the process of discovering a terrific pool enclosure that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Here are some of the factors to consider when you shop for a pool enclosure:

  • Frame Material: Enclosure frames need to be able to resist corrosion and withstand both weather and pool chemicals. Meanwhile, enclosure frames need to be light enough to transport and install easily. Look for a pool enclosure with an aluminum frame for weight and durability and a baked-on powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Roof: For roof panels, polycarbonate is lightweight and provides greater flexibility than glass — an essential quality if you live in an area associated with excess rain or snow. You also will need to choose between a fixed or retractable roof for your pool enclosure. Fixed panels are less expensive than retractable ones and offer an excellent choice if you’re operating on a budget. Conversely, adding a fully or partially retractable roof pool enclosure gives you the option of allowing air to circulate freely. Both manual and motorized retractable roofs are available too.
  • Design Options: Pool enclosures are visible outside your home, so it’s important to choose an enclosure that is both attractive and allows you to customize your design to match the rest of your property. Look for a pool enclosure manufacturer that will enable you to finish the enclosure in the color of your choice.
  • Warranty: A quality pool enclosure should provide you with years of trouble-free use with limited maintenance and upkeep. Find a pool enclosure company that will back up their work on both the installation and components of your enclosure.

How to Buy a Pool Enclosure for Your Home

To buy a pool enclosure, you’ll first need to contact a pool enclosure company. This business should go the extra mile to ensure you can learn about the benefits of pool enclosures and how the pool enclosure installation process works. This should include a pool enclosure cost estimate and installation timeline upfront to avoid potential cost or time surprises.

A reputable pool enclosure manufacturer will be able to provide you with assistance during each stage of the installation process. From drawing up the initial designs to overseeing the build using either its own team or local contractors, your installation process should be seamless.

When shopping for a pool enclosure, you’ll need to consider the ability of the company to get it installed in your home. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • How long will the delivery and installation process take?
  • Are the company’s pool enclosures made from parts that have been made domestically? Or does the business use components from overseas?
  • How will the enclosure components be transported from the factory to your home? Will there be additional shipping charges? And if so, how much are these shipping charges?
  • Does the business have its own construction crew, or does it sub-contract the work out? If the business uses subcontractors, does the business use a team it knows and trusts? Or does it just go with the cheapest bidder?
  • Will the company assist and provide information pertaining to the production/installation of the enclosures such as obtaining permits and inspections?
  • How long has the company been in business?

Moreover, there are several factors that differentiate an outstanding pool enclosure company from a mediocre one, including:

  • Customer satisfaction: Ask a pool enclosure company for customer referrals — you’ll be glad you did. A pool enclosure manufacturer that consistently excels should be able to provide customer referrals at any time.
  • Customer support: A pool enclosure company should be available to assist you before, during and after a pool enclosure installation. This business also may provide in-person, over-the-phone and online support.
  • Brand reputation: In most cases, a pool enclosure manufacturer with a proven brand reputation may be a superior choice in comparison to a pool enclosure company that is just starting out.
  • Affordability: A pool enclosure company should offer pool enclosures at multiple price points to ensure you can find one that is both affordable and built to last.
  • Pool enclosure options: With the right pool enclosure company at your side, you should be able to check out a vast array of pool enclosure options for your home.
  • Expertise: A pool enclosure company hires and trains professionals who understand the ins and outs of pool enclosures. These professionals are happy to share their expertise with customers and ensure you can make an informed decision about a pool enclosure for your home.
  • Integrity: A pool enclosure company should do what it says it will do, follow through on customer requests and provide customers with an unforgettable shopping and installation experience.

As with any home improvement project, the success or failure of a pool enclosure installation hinges on the quality of the product you purchase and the reliability and experience of the team installing it. Be thorough in your research, and you’ll be enjoying the comfort of your own pool enclosure in no time. When you work with CCSI International all you will need to worry about is coming up with the best pool party ideas in the neighborhood.

At CCSI International, we are a family-owned business with over fifty years of experience in providing high-quality polycarbonate pool enclosures to both residential homes and businesses across the United States. Our unique modular pool enclosure setup is fully customizable without the high cost associated with most pool enclosures, while still providing high quality to protect your pool from the elements.

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