Benefits of Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosures


When it comes to choosing a building material for your pool enclosure, the polycarbonate vs glass debate is important. Knowing the difference between these two materials and their respective pros and cons is key to picking the right material for you and your family.

Polycarbonate is a synthetic material that has incredible versatility. Many common items such as CDs, safety glasses lenses, high-quality sunglasses, automobile headlights, bullet-proof windows, greenhouse enclosures and pool enclosures are made using polycarbonate.

Why Install A Polycarbonate Enclosure for Your Pool Enclosure?

A polycarbonate enclosure will provide you with all of the visual appeal of a clear enclosure, without the dangers associated with glass. It also adds a few benefits you won’t get from a screened enclosure or a simple pool fence. Benefits of a polycarbonate enclosure include:


While glass is easily broken, polycarbonate is roughly 250 times stronger than glass and has projectile-resistance properties that comes in handy during extreme weather conditions. This means that the life of your polycarbonate enclosure will be much longer than that of a glass enclosure.


A pool enclosure will provide a physical barrier for your pool to keep the natural elements out and keep the water cleaner. This means you can spend less time cleaning the leaves and dirt out of your pool and more time enjoying it.  Install a CCSI polycarbonate enclosure and you will also enjoy protection from 51% of the sun’s UV rays, thanks to the UV properties of this material.


Want to extend your swimming season? It’s as simple as choosing polycarbonate over glass for the building materials of your pool enclosure. Polycarbonate enclosures reduce the amount of energy that you have to spend heating your pool, as it has the unique ability to conserve heat, keeping your pool open and usable throughout the winter months.

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