Garden Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

CCSI International’s facility makes it possible to offer our quality custom commercial structures for pools, spas, patios and atria. Custom spa enclosures can include a variety of features such as skylights, pyramids, hipped ends, labeled ends, domes, and passageways. Our custom enclosures are also created to suit where you live whether you have a Florida pool, a California pool, a New York Pool or a Texas Pool. Because our designer workshop is located within our manufacturing plant, CCSI International, Inc. can offer these custom structures at a substantial cost savings and cut lead times to a minimum. Each custom enclosure includes a full, state of the art, engineering package, meeting your design specific needs.

Custom Pool Enclosures for Homes

When you’re investing in a custom pool enclosure for your home, you want the flexibility to create a design that reflects your lifestyle. Whether you’re installing a pool atria for privacy, for safety or for year-round enjoyment, CCSI International, Inc. is the only manufacturer that provides the freedom to design a unique pool enclosure at a cost that remains affordable for today’s homeowners. Select the exact dimensions you needs, add unique architectural highlights and functional features such as a retractable roof, and choose a color that matches your home perfectly. With CCSI International, Inc. creating your custom pool enclosure is easy!

Custom Pool Enclosures for Businesses

Our commercial pool enclosures can be customized, too. We recognize that each business, whether it’s a hotel, fitness center or spa, has unique needs when it comes to branding, design and more. Our design experts will go over your requirements in detail and present you with a number of options that can be tailored to your budget. We’ve helped businesses such as the Essex Inn Chicago and several YMCA facilities come up with custom enclosures for their pool — you could be next the next business to offer a year-round, private swimming center that will enhance your clients’ experience and raise the profile of your brand!

custom pool enclosures


  • Quality components manufactured by CCSI International, Inc.
  • Manual or motorized opening roof system, allows you to open each panel individually.
  • Opening roof panels provide a natural circulation of fresh air throughout the building.
  • Light transmitting, polycarbonate roof panels.
  • Tempered safety glass side walls.
  • Heavy duty and corrosion resistant aluminum frames and rafters stand up to moisture and chemicals from pools and spas far better than conventional construction.
  • Baked on powder coated finish.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Factory welded connections.

Color Options

CCSI International, Inc. offers you any color you’d like for your custom pool enclosure, spa enclosure and year round patio enclosure. Your choice of color options allow you to add a pool, patio, garden, balcony or spa enclosure that will blend well with the design and color of your home or business and promote an aesthetically pleasing aquatic atmosphere.