Custom Enclosures

View our portfolio of past projects or order your own custom building today: pool enclosures, patio enclosures, spa enclosures. Click on a photo below to see it in the top photo-area. Our portfolio has residential enclosures, commercial buildings, and custom glass enclosures shown below.

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    • Residential

Residential Outdoor Pool Enclosure
Beautiful Outside Pool Enclosure
View Inside a Residential Pool Enclosure
Alternative View Inside Residential Pool Enclosure
Custom Pool Enclosure and Statue Decor
Pool Enclosure for Country Home
Residential Atria Covering in Red
Outdoor Pool Enclosure with Wrap-Around Deck
A Beautiful Year Round Pool Enclosure
Custom Pool Enclosures for Rustic Homes
Glass Patio Enclosures for Your Home
Alternative View for Glass Patio Enclosure
Aerial View of Glass Patio Enclosure
Custom Pool & Patio Enclosures
Pool Enclosure Installation Around Deck
Beautiful Sky Views with Glass Pool Enclosures
A Residential Indoor Pool Enclosure
Custom Pool Enclosure with Slide
Glass Pool Enclosures
Inside View of Custom Pool Enclosure with Slide
Residential Patio Enclosure
Custom Pool Enclosure with Rock Fountain
Patio Enclosure Attached to House
Beautiful Residential Atria Enclosure
Glass Patio Enclosure for Residential Homes
Pool Enclosure System in Green
Inside View of Glass Patio Enclosure
Year Round Patio Enclosure Attached to House
Glass Pool Enclosure with Red Beams
Multi-Level Glass Pool Enclosure with Brick
Outdoor Pool Enclosure Surrounding Deck
Back View of Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure
Residential Indoor Pool Enclosures
Swimming Pool Enclosures Residential
Custom Pool Enclosure with Rock Fountains
Alternative View of Custom Pool Enclosures
View from Pool Deck - Indoor Pool Enclosure
Perfect Year Round Patio Domes for Pool
Artfully Constructed Pool Enclosures
Inside View of Glass Patio Enclosures
Glass Pool Enclosures with Enhanced Support
Tall-Standing Garden Enclosures
Outdoor Pool Enclosures for Year Round Use
Patio Enclosure on Water's Edge
Large Residential Patio Enclosure

    • Commercial

Beautifully-Designed Hotel Pool Enclosures
Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosures
Commercial Patio Enclosures Perfect for Hotels
Custom Patio Enclosures for an Outdoor Bar
Commercial Spa Enclosure Manufacturers - CCSI
Garden Enclosures for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Glass Pool Enclosure
Swimming Pool Enclosures - Commercial Buildings
Alternative View of Garden Enclosure
Commercial Pool Enclosures for Olympic-Sized Pools
Alternative View of Olympic-Sized Pool Enclosure
Commercial Patio Enclosure for a Bed-and-Breakfast
Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosure with Garden
Alternative View of Commerical Swimming Pool Enclosure
Commercial Glass Pool Enclosure
Commercial Glass Pool Enclosure for Year Round Use
Alternative View of Year Round Pool Enclosure
Commercial Atria Enclosures - Beautiful Designs
Small Commercial Pool Enclosure - Perfect for Hotels
Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Pool Enclosures
Garden Surrounds a Commercial Patio Enclosure
Custom-Engineered Commercial Pool Enclosure
Commercial Pool & Patio Enclosures by CCSI
CCSI Engineered Commercial Patio Enclosure
Commercial Patio Enclosures by CCSI International
Commercial Indoor Pool Enclosure System
Interior View of Patio Enclosures by CCSI
Back Wall View of a Commercial Patio Enclosure
Commercial Pool Enclosure Attached to Building
Commercial Pool Enclosures for Competition Swimming
Commercial Spa Enclosures - Interior View
Commercial Pool Enclosure for a Natatorium
Interior View of Natatorium - Commercial Pool Enclosure by CCSI

    • Custom

Year Round Patio Dome - Custom Designs
Custom Patio Enclosures by CCSI International
Residential Pool Domes - Customized by CCSI
Custom Pool Enclosures with Sliding Skylights
Large Custom Pool Enclosure Design
Residential Atria Coverings - CCSI USA.
Custom Garden Enclosure with Brick & Glass Walls
Custom Patio Enclosures by CCSI
Glass Patio Enclosures - Custom by CCSI
Atria Enclosure Handcrafted by CCSI
Multi-Level Roof Pool Enclosures - CCSI
CCSI-Crafted Garden Enclosure
Custom Pool Enclosure