All Season Balcony Enclosures

All-Season Balcony Enclosures

Just because you don’t live in a tropical paradise where the weather is always nice, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your balcony all year-round. Choosing one of the stylish glass balcony enclosures from CCSI International, Inc. gives you protection from the elements in any season with a stylish package that will add value to your home. Affordable and built to last for years, you can turn your balcony or porch into an all-season room with our modular enclosures.

Design Flexibility In a Modular Package

CCSI International’s tempered safety glass, balcony enclosures blend in easily with any aesthetic. Built simply, but with the highest attention to detail, our products are finished with an electrostatic-applied powder coating, available in a wide variety of different colors and baked on to provide superior protection from the elements. Custom roofs, domes, skylights and other features can be added, as well.

Enjoy Your Porch Year-Round

The beauty of an all season balcony covering is that you can enjoy your outdoor space every season. With CCSI International, Incs.’s all season room enclosure, you’ll be able to spend quality time on your porch or balcony no matter if it’s the dead of winter or the dog days of summer. With a manual- or power-retractable roof, taking in the summer air is easy; when it cools down, simply shut the roof again and enjoy freedom from chills, rain or insects. If you do a lot of entertaining, a balcony enclosure from CCSI International, Inc. means the fun never has to stop when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Glass Balconies That Are Built to Last

Trusted by architects and builders to ensure strength and durability, CCSI International, Inc. balcony sun rooms are made from rigid aluminum frames that are both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Sides are made from tempered safety glass or insulated structural sheeting, and they’re strong enough to stand up to heavy winds, snowfall or anything else nature can throw at you. All connections are factory-welded to exacting standards in our Grand Prairie, Illinois facility.

Over 50 Years of Quality Balcony Enclosures

For nearly half a century, CCSI International, Inc. has been a leading supplier of modular custom balcony and pool enclosures. We are available for architectural assistance with any design or engineering issue, whether it’s for a new patio construction or the addition of an all-season porch for an existing home. Contact our team today for more information!