How to Clean a Glass Pool Enclosure

It happens to everyone with a glass pool enclosure. They eventually get dirty with smudges, marks, and handprints everywhere. Not only is this visually unappealing, but it can actually become dangerous if left unmanaged. You need to be able to see inside for safety reasons and dirt and grime may impede your ability to do that.

Therefore, you’ll need to spend some time every once in a while cleaning the glass pool enclosure. Want to know how to do that? Keep reading below!

Cleaning pool enclosures

Cleaning glass pool enclosures is super simple and can be done in just a few simple steps:

Grab the proper supplies

First things first, you need to grab the proper supplies. Don’t worry about fancy cleaners or rags. You simply need a durable sponge or microfiber cloth and some warm water. You might also need a washing liquid to help with stubborn spots.

Skip glass cleaner

While some cleaners are useful when cleaning glass enclosures, it’s recommended that you skip glass cleaners like Windex. They can leave streaks behind and that’s no fun when you’re trying to clean the glass.

Take your time

When you’re ready, start cleaning the enclosure with warm water and a clean cloth. This may take a while so exercise some patience and focus on removing the smudges and other residue you find. If you need a cleaning solution, add it to the water and clean away.

When you’re all done, make sure to give everything a good rinse with water. Remove all soap and if you see any smudges left, use your microfiber cloth to get them. 

Let it air dry

After a good rinse, leave the pool enclosure to air dry completely. If you try to wipe it down, you may see streaks form, so let mother nature do the work and the sun will dry the glass clear. 

Consider professional coating

If cleaning the pool enclosure becomes too much or is something you’re doing too often, you might want to consider a professional coating option. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you seal the glass so that any debris or smudges just disappear with a little bit of water.

Ask for help

Want to ask for additional advice, or need help choosing a coating product for your pool enclosure? No problem! 

CCSI International, Inc has been producing and maintaining custom pool enclosures for over 50 years. We consider ourselves experts in all things enclosures and we’d be happy to help you with maintaining and cleaning your pool enclosure glass.

Give us a call today, we can offer advice on how to clean your pool enclosure so you’ll be back to enjoying the pool in no time!