Cleaning Fall Leaves Out of Your Pool

Even though pool season has ended, you still need to keep up proper pool maintenance. Your pool especially needs some TLC during the autumn, when you get fall leaves in your pool. One of the greatest benefits of a pool enclosure is its ability to keep leaves out of the pool.

Anyone who’s taken care of a pool can tell you that getting leaves out of the pool is one of the trickier parts of upkeep. No worries — like any other chore, there are tons of different ways to clean out leaves more efficiently and reduce the need to remove them in the first place. We’ll help you learn how to keep your pool clean even in the autumn.

Upgrade Your Tools for Leaf Clearing

If you have the extra cash, you can make your leaf-cleaning experience easier by getting a higher-quality and more efficient leaf-removing tool. A typical leaf net only scoops up a small amount of leaves at a time, forcing you to dump it out more often. However, other tools can clean more leaves at once, giving you more time to focus on other things.

Two tools that work as a step up from a pool net are leaf rakes and leaf eaters. Leaf rakes have a large net that takes in many more leaves than a normal pool net. If you need to get leaves off the bottom of your pool, a leaf eater uses jets to push leaves into its net.

Tweak Your Landscaping to Prevent Leaves from Falling in Your Pool

An efficient way to keep leaves out of your pool is to remove the plants and trees in the surrounding area. If you don’t feel particularly attached to the greenery near your pool, you can prune or completely remove it to reduce the number of leaves that fall.

If you want to add more plants and trees to your pool area, keep in mind which plants shed more leaves than others. You can avoid a lot of leaf cleaning if you do a little research.

Use a Pool Cover or Leaf Net

To block leaves from entering your pool, you can place a pool cover over it. When the leaves begin to accumulate, you can clean the cover instead of the water, making the process quicker and easier.

We normally use leaf nets on top of a winter cover to lift off once all the leaves have fallen. But, if you use your pool in the fall, you can use it as is to keep leaves out of your pool water.

Install a Pool Enclosure to Keep Leaves Out

The simplest way to avoid leaf cleaning is to keep leaves off your pool entirely by surrounding it with an enclosure. Pool enclosures protect your pool and the surrounding area from debris. They also make other maintenance tasks much easier.

Cleaning leaves off an enclosure is much easier than cleaning them out of the pool water. Instead of constant net scooping, you can use a hose or scrub brush to wash the fall foliage off.

Sound like a good plan to you? Contact us to get an estimate for the pool enclosure you’ve always wanted.