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Maintaining your pool year-round is a snap with CCSI International. For almost 50 years, area homes and businesses have trusted us to design exterior pool enclosures in Florida that keep their pools free of debris and ready-to-use year round.

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Install a enclosure for your pool or spa in florida

Flexible Design for Florida Homes

Floridians are lucky to enjoy near-perfect swimming weather year-round, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a pool atrium on your property. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays while the sun is out and enjoy a temperate environment when the skies darken. Our indoor/outdoor pool enclosures give you the freedom to enjoy your pool whenever you want — at night, in the rain or on a rare chilly day, you can still take a refreshing dip in the comfort and privacy of your backyard.

Maintenance Made Easy

Tired of fishing leaves out of your pool or piscina? Are bugs and other pests ruining your enjoyment of outdoor activities? With a custom pool enclosure from CCSI International, it’s simple to have a pristine pool no matter the conditions outside. Save time and money on pool maintenance with our custom atriums and enclosures, designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether it’s a solo swim or a backyard party, bring your outdoor activities inside with CCSI International.

Commercial Pool Domes and More

Florida hotel and spa owners can also benefit from a pool cage by CCSI International. Give your guests a world-class experience with an indoor/outdoor pool enclosure that combines the best of both worlds. Your clients can swim comfortably in a protected environment that minimizes your liability without compromising their experience.

Thousands of Design Options Available

All our spa enclosures and residential pool domes are custom-made in our Grand Prairie, Illinois manufacturing facility where we not only provide them to our Florida residents, but also to residents of other states such as California, Texas,and New York. Add features to meet your unique needs and budget, including manual or mechanical opening roof panels and design elements such as single or double slope roofs, skylights, domes and passageways. Contact us today by phone or email and let us design the freestanding pool enclosure of your dreams!