Fun Items to Add to Your Pool Area Before Summer

Swimming season truly starts in summer — when the kids are out of school, the sun stays out late, and the heat means everyone’s looking for ways to cool down.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time swimming this summer, you might want to add some new accessories to your pool area. Fun pool toys and decorations can refresh a tired outdoor space and make entertaining a blast! Here are five pool “must-haves” to consider before summer arrives.

1. Poolside Seating

Summer is the perfect time to invest in poolside seating. A set of stylish lounge chairs will give you and your friends somewhere to relax and connect when you get tired of the water. Plus, they help turn a barren outdoor pool area into a well-decorated living space.

2. Colorful Lighting

If you’re hoping to boost your pool’s ambiance, consider decorating the space with some colorful lights. Lighting can change the feel of the area and make swimming at night easier and more enjoyable. You can invest in underwater lighting or simply install some colorful string lights around your patio. This decorating idea is perfect for summer pool parties and events.

3. Giant Pool Floats

Inner tubes and pool noodles are summer staples, especially if you have children. This year, you can take it up a notch with a few giant pool floats. Relax on a giant unicorn float, shoot hoops with a floating basketball set or watch the kids conquer the seven seas on an inflatable pirate ship. Your imagination’s the limit with these fun pool toys.

4. A Floating Speaker

If you’re hoping to entertain guests by the pool this summer, music is a must. What better way to play your favorite tunes than with a floating, waterproof speaker that sits right in the pool? Connect the wireless speaker to your phone for an instant party.

5. A Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure brings your outdoor pool indoors, allowing you to swim in all sorts of weather. A glass pool enclosure from CCSI International provides 51 percent UV protection, so you can even help protect yourself and your loved ones from summer sunburns.

Enjoy Your Pool in Summer and Beyond!

Your outdoor pool is a big investment. In the summer, it draws your friends and family together and provides endless entertainment. But in some weather, it becomes unusable. With access to your pool all year, you and your loved ones can spend more time having fun and less time waiting for summer to arrive. At CCSI International, we’re dedicated to helping people like you safely and affordably get more out of their pools.

We have more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and delivering reliable pool enclosure and open roof systems for families and businesses across the country. We’d love to work with you too. If you’re ready to enjoy your pool in summer and beyond, contact us today for a free estimate on a pool enclosure.