Outdoor Pool Covers

Outdoor Pool Enclosures

Choosing a permanent cover for an outdoor pool doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality for savings, or vice-versa. With CCSI International, you can have attractive, functional outdoor pool enclosures for less. Our products give you the design flexibility to choose the features you want, while ensuring a level of quality that will provide years of use.

Permanent Outdoor Pool Cover Features

Our outdoor pool enclosures have incorporated sophisticated design features to maintain a high level of year-round durability, including:

    • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frames
    • Stainless steel hardware and fittings
    • Baked-on powder-coated finish (available in the color of your choice)
    • Tempered safety glass side walls
    • Sturdy polycarbonate roof panels
    • Factored-welded seals
    • And more!

Best of all, a wealth of options are available to meet both your design needs and your budget. Aside from your choice of colors, you can also select a single or double panel roof, motorized or manual roof openings, privacy features including tinted glass and architectural add-ons such as pyramids and skylights.

Why Cover Your Outdoor Pool?

      • Convenience: An outdoor pool enclosure keeps leaves, bugs and debris out of your pool, which makes keeping it clean easy. You won’t have to spend the time and expense to winterize your pool each year, and you’ll reduce strain on your pump and motor, saving money on repairs.
      • Safety: If you live in an area with lots of young children, a permanent outdoor pool enclosure gives you peace of mind knowing that anyone who accidentally wanders into your yard will be safe.

Commercial Outdoor Pool Enclosures

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a permanent outdoor pool enclosure by CCSI International. If you own a hotel or spa, a covered pool can be a huge draw – for a minimal investment in a CCSI International modular outdoor pool enclosure, your guests can enjoy relaxing pool facilities all year long!

Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial outdoor pool cover, contact CCSI International today.