What to Consider Before Adding a Screened Pool Enclosure

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Debating between a Screened or Glass Pool Enclosure? Screened Enclosures are great for warmer climates, but Glass Pool Enclosures allow you to use your pool all year long especially in seasonal and cooler weather areas. These type of enclosures are ideal for eliminating unwanted debris, naturally providing a warmer pool environment for increased energy efficiency, reducing the need for chemical additives and adding security to your pool.

Benefits of a Glass Pool Enclosure

From the northeast to the Great Plains and beyond, a retractable roof glass pool enclosure adds functionality and value to your home while protecting your pool and providing year round swimming.

Whether you’re building a commercial pool facility in Colorado or a residential backyard environment in Illinois, a pool enclosure provides a cost-effective investment option. Glass pool enclosures also provide environmental and safety benefits. You’ll spend less on water heating costs when you build an enclosure.

You’ll also find that enclosures minimize evaporation and reduce the need to add chemicals. Plus, you can still get plenty of fresh air when you want it by retracting the roof. Whether it’s snowing or an unpredictably rainy late summer afternoon, all you need to do is add patio furniture and a grill, and you’re ready to enjoy your pool — no matter what the weather.

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Glass vs. Screened Pool Enclosures

While screens enclosures are better suited to hot climates, they don’t protect you as well from rain or snow. Glass pool enclosures can also have the benefit of helping protect your family from ultraviolet light exposure compared to a screened enclosure. The materials used in our glass pool enclosures offer up to 51% UV Protection!

With a retractable roof glass enclosure, you can get all the benefits of a fresh-air pool screen with the undeniable benefits of added protection. Enjoy the open-air feel when you entertain — but keep the party going when rainclouds threaten.

Is a Customizable Retractable Roof Glass Pool Enclosure Right for You?

Throughout the United States, retractable roof glass pool enclosures let you use your pool all year long in comfort.

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