Tips for Landscaping Around a Pool Enclosure

Some people who have a pool at their home or business are reluctant to enclose it because they’re afraid the enclosure will stick out like a sore thumb. This misbelief is a shame because modern pool enclosures are made to be both beautiful and fully functional.

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to use your pool year-round without an enclosure. There’s no reason to settle for using your pool on a part-time basis when you can enjoy it 365 days per year simply by installing an enclosure. While many of today’s pool enclosures look great on their own, you can enhance the visual appeal of your enclosure even more by putting our proven tips for landscaping around pool enclosures to work for you.

Landscaping Ideas for Enclosed Pool Areas

While it can most certainly enrich the look of your pool area, landscaping around a pool enclosure is different from landscaping the rest of your residential or commercial property. That’s largely because you’ll want your landscaping to be more than beautiful. You’ll also need it to serve certain functions and be able to tolerate the conditions close to your pool.

In other words, you’ll want the plants, trees and shrubs around your enclosure to provide some privacy from prying eyes. You’ll also need your plants to be able to withstand the weather in your area and the chlorine used to treat your pool. Finally, you’ll have to choose your landscaping elements wisely to ensure your plants’ roots won’t compromise the integrity of your enclosure’s walls or damage your pool’s foundation or plumbing.

With those things in mind, here are some actionable ideas for landscaping near an in-ground pool and its enclosure:

  • Choose plants with leaves that feel a bit like leather for the pool area because it’s likely they’ll tolerate chlorine better than many alternatives.
  • Use native plants since you already know they can handle the weather at your location.
  • Opt for perennials whenever possible so you won’t have to replant every year.
  • Minimize the planting you’ll do in the ground by using planters, hanging baskets and boxes as much as possible.
  • Go with grass that doesn’t require mowing to prevent clippings from making their way into your pool, or use mulch or stone instead of grass.
  • If you would like flowers, skip the flowering annuals and go with hardy flowering shrubs that require less care and maintenance.
  • Place potted trees like crepe myrtles or Japanese Maples in the corners of your enclosure to soften the appearance of the space and add vibrancy to the area immediately surrounding your pool.
  • Give your pool enclosure a multi-dimensional appearance by planting smaller plants beneath large-leafed, hardier ones.

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