Ways to Enjoy Your Pool During the Fall


Is the crispness in the air making you feel like it’s time to put a cover on your pool and close up all your aquatic activities? Before you make the decision that the days of enjoying refreshing dips are over, why not rethink your decision? It’s possible to use your pool during the fall with a few helpful ideas.

#1: Add a Heating Element to the Pool.

If your pool isn’t currently heated, or lacks a solar cover, consider getting one. Not only will it extend your pool season, but you can get the most out of the sunshine during the day. You’ve invested in your pool already, so why not take the extra step and get a few more weeks or months of use out of it?

#2: Put an Enclosure Around It.

Pool enclosures are surprisingly affordable, and they can be an economical way to keep swimming even when the autumn winds blow. When you choose a pool enclosure, be sure it gives you the roominess you need as well as the look you want. Several models are available, and they can give you an aesthetically-pleasing appearance without requiring a lot of fuss or maintenance.

#3: Add a Spa to Your Pool and Patio.

Yes, the pool water might be a little chillier than typical 80-degree or even 90-degree temperatures, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feel awesome! After all, if you add a hot spa or jacuzzi to your pool and patio area, you can pop into the pool for a quick dip, and then follow it up with a warm-water soak. Your body will appreciate the cool-warm switches. Many people find that these types of cold-hot plunges alleviate muscle strain and achiness after working out.

#4: Take Swims During the Middle of the Day.

Obviously, midday is going to be the hottest point, so make the most of it. If you can take a lunch break and go home for a swim, it could be the most relaxing way to recharge. Or, if you prefer, plan to use your pool only during the hottest point of the day on the weekends. The rest of the time, keep it covered with a solar cover that will keep in any heat and protect the water from debris.

#5: Serve Hot Foods and Beverages Around the Pool.

Maybe you don’t want to get out of the pool and have a glass of iced tea, but how about some hot cocoa? Make it a party and offer hot foods and other treats to swimmers. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking fast dips in the cool water and then getting out to enjoy some delicious munchies!

#6: Try Some Faster Swimming.

Many athletes prefer their pool water to hover in the 70s, which is an appropriate and expected temperature range for early fall. Start your swimming program now and enjoy working out in your pool. Yes, the water will feel a bit nippy at first, but once you get going, you’ll love that it isn’t too warm.

Why close the pool prematurely? Make plans to enjoy your pool for longer this fall!