What’s the Difference Between a Pool Cover and a Pool Enclosure?

Clearing leaves and debris. Reducing your heating bill. Adding fewer chemicals. When you want to spend less time on pool maintenance, you can make it happen with a pool cover or pool enclosure. Read about the benefits of pool enclosures and pool covers, and find out why a pool enclosure might become your favorite home investment.

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Swimming Pool Cover Guide

A swimming pool cover is an economical choice that provides basic protection. A swimming pool cover can:

  • Keep leaves, grass clippings and other debris out of your pool.
  • Retain heat. Heating your pool is expensive. With a solar or a rigid cover, you can keep water heated. This is important even in an indoor, enclosed or covered pool area.
  • Reduce chemical needs. Because most covers prevent evaporation and reduce debris, you’ll save on chlorine, shock and other additives.

Manual vs Automated Pool Cover

Manually operated pool covers are less expensive, and automated pool covers aren’t suitable for every pool shape. If you have a kidney-shaped or freeform pool, for example, you’ll most likely need to opt for a manually operated cover. Automated pool covers provide ease of use, and in most cases make it more likely that you’ll use the pool cover more often to protect your pool and retain heat.

Swimming Pool Glass Enclosure Costs and Benefits

A swimming pool enclosure is a solid glass structure that allows you to use your pool year round and offers additional protection to your existing pool cover. While an enclosure is more expensive initially, it offers a wide range of benefits and cost savings.

Other Pool Enclosure benefits include:

  • Pool enclosures retain heat, minimize evaporation and reduce chemical usage.
  • Pool enclosures eliminate leaves and debris.
  • Pool enclosures can last for decades.
  • Pool enclosures are customizable for every pool shape, yard size and need — even commercial spaces!
  • Choose a retractable roof enclosure and you’ll enjoy blue skies and fresh air — just as if you were outside.

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