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For over 50 years, we’ve provided our quality atria, swimming pool & spa enclosures to happy commercial and residential customers throughout the United States. Wherever you are located, CCSI International, Inc. enclosures offer shelter from the storm, creating a little piece of indoor paradise in your home or business. • Garden Prairie Enclosures • Atria Enclosures • Cus...
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Commercial Atria Enclosures

If you own a hotel, restaurant or spa facility, a commercial atria enclosure will lower your maintenance costs and add extra value to your service offerings. For hotels, a commercial swimming pool enclosure lets your customers enjoy a swim year round and reduces the amount of costly and time consuming maintenance required to keep a pristine pool. Restaurants can use a co...
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Residential Pool Enclosures

Winter is a great time for work on your pool or pool enclosure, pool enclosure in the winter
Residential Pool Enclosures by CCSI International, Inc. A small investment in a residential swimming pool enclosure is great way to ensure the year-round safety and comfort of your family. Whether you’re enjoying the health benefits of a daily swim or keeping the party going in the dead of winter, a pool enclosure installation will quickly become one of the most cherished addi...
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