Winter Is a Great Season to Do Work on Your Pool or Pool Enclosure

Winter is a great time for work on your pool or pool enclosure, pool enclosure in the winter
  Now that we have our sweaters on, you may think the best time for pool maintenance has passed. Think again! It turns out that winter is a great time to order an outdoor pool renovation. It also serves as an ideal season for pool maintenance. If you wonder when to add a pool enclosure, wonder no longer. Check out the following reasons why the cold weather sho...
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Cleaning Fall Leaves out of Your Pool

Fall may cause for a lot of leaves to end up in your pool cleaning tips to remove them.
  Even though pool season has ended, you still need to keep up proper pool maintenance. Your pool especially needs some TLC during the autumn, when you get fall leaves in your pool. One of the greatest benefits of a pool enclosure is its ability to keep leaves out of the pool. Anyone who’s taken care of a pool can tell you that getting leaves out of the pool is o...
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Perfect Staycation Ideas

  Sometimes, you just can’t swing a big vacation. But you also don’t want to lose all the personal days your employer gives. In that case, it’s time for a staycation. If you’ve never tried a vacation at home before, you might feel a little wary. After all, is it possible to create a perfect staycation that actually leaves you feeling relaxed and not stressed? It ...
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Ideas for a Halloween Pool Party

It’s almost time for some tricks and treats, but it’s more fun to focus on the latter! This year, why not set up your pool area for the most memorable Halloween party in your neighborhood’s history? It’s not too late to put together everything, even if you wait until the last minute. Check out our easy pool party ideas that will have all the ghosts and ghouls enjoying th...
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Ways to Enjoy Your Pool During the Fall

Is the crispness in the air making you feel like it’s time to put a cover on your pool and close up all your aquatic activities? Before you make the decision that the days of enjoying refreshing dips are over, why not rethink your decision? It’s possible to use your pool during the fall with a few helpful ideas. (more…)
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