New York Pools & Spas – Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round!

For almost 50 years, CCSI International has been designing and manufacturing cold weather swimming pool enclosures for New York residents. Just because winter’s coming doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors — our clear enclosures for pools keep the cold air out no matter what temperature it is outside.

Swim, barbecue and even suntan in the middle of winter with a freestanding pool dome for winter by CCSI International!


Built to Withstand a New York Winter

Whether you’re upstate, on Long Island or in the North Country, our atriums and enclosures are built to withstand everything winter can throw at them. Assembled in our Grand Prairie, Illinois manufacturing facility, we use only the highest quality materials when building your exterior pool enclosure. Corrosion-resistant frames protect your investment not only from rain and snow, but also from the humidity and chemicals of your pool. We use tempered safety glass, stainless steel fasteners and factory-welded connectors to give you years of use.

Stay Safe all Summer Long

Our products do more than just keep your pool running throughout the year. In the summer, you’ll get valuable protection from UV rays, as well as rain and wind. On a hot day, simply open the retractable roof panels of your enclosure and let the fresh air circulate.Install a enclosure for pool or spa in new york

Maintenance Made Easy

Anyone who has ever tried to maintain an outdoor pool in New York knows how tough it can be. Between summer rains altering your pool’s pH, and leaves or insects clogging your filters, it can feel like you spend more time cleaning your pool than actually swimming. Our freestanding outdoor pool enclosures are a New York pool owner’s dream — keep debris out and you’ll save time and money on maintenance, so you can get back to enjoying life poolside!

Custom Options for Commercial Pool Domes

With CCSI International, it’s easy to add custom features such as skylights, pyramids, domes and passageways that will lend a touch of class to your hotel, fitness center or spa. Contact us today about how we can help your business with everything from spa wind protection to glass enclosures for pools and more!