Glass Pool Enclosures for Privacy

Style Meets Privacy With a Glass Pool Enclosure

With a glass enclosure from CCSI International, you can have stylish pool privacy in the comfort of your home. Enjoy a romantic midnight swim without worrying about prying eyes. Our glass pool enclosures are easier to maintain than privacy screens and keep out harmful UV rays as well as leaves and other debris. With a number of customizable options, CCSI International pool privacy enclosures are flexible enough to meet any design challenge.

Tempered Glass for Privacy and Durability

Our pool enclosures are built to last and stand up to the elements better than most privacy screens. Made from quality components including corrosion-resistant frames and rafters, CCSI International products are designed to give you a lifetime of trouble-free use. Choose between a single- or double-sloped roof and a variety of custom shapes and features, as well as a virtually limitless selection of colors. All private pool enclosures are manufactured in our Grand Prairie, Illinois facility and installed by a factory-authorized field crew.

When Privacy Is a Concern

If protecting your family from nosy neighbors is a priority, a CCSI International enclosure offer a number of pool privacy options. Built-in privacy screens fit to your enclosure are available as an option. We can also incorporate custom materials such as all-natural brick into the design of your enclosure or use smoked or tinted glass. With the flexibility to customize your enclosure to your needs, it’s easy to enjoy a relaxing swim whenever you want, without having to worry about who is watching you.

Open Air Comfort in a Private Backyard Setting

All CCSI International pool enclosures come with either manual or electric retractable roofs, giving you the comfort of an outdoor pool without sacrificing your privacy. Get the sun and fresh air you need with just the touch of a button — a CCSI International pool enclosure gives you the convenience and privacy of an indoor pool with the sun and breeze that lets you truly enjoy the summer weather.

For more information about a glass pool enclosure for private swimming, contact the CCSI International team today.