10 Ideas for Hotel and Resort Pool Design

  Oftentimes, guests will book hotels and resorts based on reputations for having clean rooms, friendly service and, of course, a killer pool. Take your clientele’s wants, needs and desires into consideration. Is your hotel frequented more by families with children, groups of singles or couples looking for a romantic getaway? Once you know who you’re looking to acco...
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Is Swimming Good Exercise for Dogs?

Dog Swimming in Pool
  Chances are you know all about the health benefits of swimming for yourself. But you may not realize that your dog needs — and loves — exercise, too! Although not every breed should jump in your pool — not every dog is born knowing how to swim, contrary to popular belief — the health benefits of swimming for most dogs are undeniable. Here’s what you need to know a...
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What to Consider Before Adding a Screened Pool Enclosure

Debating between a Screened or Glass Pool Enclosure? Screened Enclosures are great for warmer climates, but Glass Pool Enclosures allow you to use your pool all year long especially in seasonal and cooler weather areas. These type of enclosures are ideal for eliminating unwanted debris, naturally providing a warmer pool environment for increased energy efficiency, reducing th...
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